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SMS Parking Slovakia for Android

First of all, thank you for using this application. With this application you can easily and comfortably purchase SMS parking tickets in selected Slovak cities. Currently, these cities are: Prešov, Trenčín, Martin, Košice and Bratislava.

NEW Update: ver. 0.9.2 - added cities Banská Bystrica and Vranov nad Topľou

IMPORTANT: You can use this application only for SIM cards provisioned in Slovakia (Orange, T-Mobile or O2). Roaming SIM cards are not supported!

Installing SMS Parking Ticket from Android Market

If you haven't installed this application yet, you can do it:
  1. By manually searching for SMS Parking Slovakia in the Android Market
  2. Or by scannig this QR code

Set your licence number

Before purchasing first SMS parking ticket, set your car licence number in settings. Set your number plate without any whitespaces, e.g. BA1234.

How to purchase SMS Parking ticket

1) Choose a city
2) Choose a parking zone (if you don't know the zone, you can find the zone id at the nearest parking machine)

3) Send out SMS
3) Within 30 seconds you will receive SMS parking ticket. This ticket is automatically placed in history.
4) You will receive another SMS message before ticket expires as well as the application will notify you about it.
5) You can extend the validity of ticket by purchasing another SMS parking ticket.

What if I meet police officers?

Show them your valid SMS parking ticket. Open History tab and click on a SMS ticket. Select Show and you will see received SMS messaged with verification code at the end. Show this code to the police officers so they can verify the validity of this ticket in the system.

What if I deleted the SMS parking ticket from history?

Don't worry, the SMS parking ticket is still in your SMS inbox. Just open the SMS.

Supported Android versions

This application is supported on Adroid devices with OS 1.6 and higher.

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